MIT 2020 From bycatch to premium Dutch shrimp

NoordOogst, supervised in this application by subsidy consultancy ASQA Subsidies B.V., will carry out a feasibility study to get a picture of the technical, economic and organizational possibilities and impossibilities of a globally innovative aquaponics technique. The organization expects that with the intended technique it will be possible for the first time to grow the Dutch shrimp so that caught undersized shrimp no longer have to be thrown back into the sea or processed in other residual flows of the landing obligation. In the event of a successful project, NoordOogst aims to be able to develop a new service around this innovation in a follow-up project. With this project, the feasibility questions surrounding the innovation will be answered and an analysis of the project results and a subsequent final report, a Go or No-Go decision will be made for the start-up of a follow-up project.